Dr. Charles W. Cox has recently donated his book, written with Dr. Spurgeon King, Monument To Healing: Two Soldiers and the Good Death, 1862, 1914.

It tells the story of his great, great  grandfather, James Coble, a Confederate soldier who was killed in December 1862 while participating in a raid on a Union blockhouse guarding a railroad trestle south of Jackson, Tennessee,  He was the only casualty and was quickly buried by the Union soldiers after the brief skirmish.  His lone grave remained unmarked and nearly forgotten until the former Union officer of the blockhouse, Capt. David Harts, wrote a letter in 1914 to the Jackson, TN police chief describing the death and burial of Coble and hoping to assure Coble’s relatives of his honorable death as a soldier.  This is a fascinating story that lends not only a new perspective to the horrific slaughter of the Civil War; that of a single Confederate soldier’s  death, but also an insight into the desire of both Union and Confederate veterans to rebind the wounds of the war through the recognition of mutual courage and sacrifice.

Book - Mon to Healing001

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