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(Revised 2017) 

The Tennessee Room staff does not conduct genealogical research for patrons, however we will try to fulfill requests for specific information based on these guidelines.  These guidelines are intended to help keep correspondence within a size and scope compatible with our ability to reply.

Send inquiries to:  Tennessee Room

Jackson/Madison County Library

433 E. Lafayette St.

Jackson, TN   38301

Or by e-mail to:   or                                                                           

Always include your name and mailing address

(Requested information will be sent to you via regular mail.)


Send only one request at a time.

After we locate your records, a statement of the cost will be sent to you.

Wait for a reply before sending another request.

Be patient.  It may take several weeks to reply.

Record searches will depend upon the type of indexes available.


Include the following information:

a. Name of the person or subject to search for

Limit = 4 specific persons – or – one surname

b. Locality (e.g. Madison County, TN)

Limit = One locality per request

c. Date or estimated date for the record needed.

Limit = Obituary and other newspaper requests

must have exact date  (e.g. June 6, 1944)

d. One type of record to be searched (e.g. marriages)

Limit = One type of record per request


Fees: Minimum search/copy fee (includes up to 4 photocopies) = $5.00.   Additional photocopies = $.25 per page, up to 20 pages.   Over 20 pages = $.50 per page.   Pre-payment is required.

Send only the requested payment amount unless you are making a donation to the library.  We do not  “make change” through correspondence.

Each request is treated separately.

We do not establish client accounts.

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